“Cuando me da la Gana” ( When I feel like it)  is a SME (small and medium enterprices) that elaborates in an artisan way preserved  fusion goods, using station products  without preservaties. The taste is non traditional.
We have the HACCP System implemented to guarantee the safety of our products.


Our gourmet jams are: Uchuva (golden berries), Kinoto, and hot spicy tamarindo that combine very well with the meats, especially pork.


In the line of hot sauces are:  Salsa de Ají Amarillo for seafood;  Salsa de Chile Jalapeño ideal for chicken, pork and also for cheese dishes and for spicy lovers we had Salsa de Chile Cayena  for meats.   All of them bring spicy taste and flavor to your food, and are great to have on our table.

I suppose that you wonder about the origin of our brand´s name.  Well it comes from the irreverence of nature, which gives us the fruits every season, “when you feel like it” and we must wait for it to provide us without being able to do anything about it. But also is the perfect answer when you ask yourself:  When can I have the pleasure to please myself with a healthy craving? Well, now you have the answer.

Vegetables and fruits  are purchased directly from domestic producers in their  farms. I am proud to work with Costa Rican products that maintain the flavors and quality thanks to the artisan way in which  I prepared them. At  the end, it is reflected in a jam  or hot sauce, the work of many hands of Costarrican men and women..


As a good compliment to the development and  consolidation of the brand,  “Cuando me da la Gana” has participated in some of the main fairs of the country, such as ExpoPyme (2017,2019) El Gustico (2019) and Mujer Empresaria(2018).